Privacy Policy

Registered User Information

Your email will not be shared with anonymous or other text message related websites. Any personal address or billing information will be kept strictly private. We reserve the right to share your email address with sister sites, these sites will are regularly advertised by us and sponsor us, they won't send you excessive spam, perhaps just a monthly or quarterly newsletter, perhaps just some coupons. If you would like to be opt out of this particular service feel free to email us once registered and you will be excluded from this specific condition.

Phone Numbers

No phone number, regardless of what country they are from will be shared, distributed or in some way viewed by another party. All text messages sent (or received - a service we hope to be able to provide in future) are logged. The reason they are logged is simply for the authorities. Local authorities may request this and in order to keep this service going we are obliged to both obey and respect all requests, orders and commands provided to us by the authorities.


If you wish to contact us, please do so we understand the law, and we are willing to obide your nations rules, so long as that our service remains available in your country.